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The authors of Womenomics make a convincing argument for women to benefit from the flexibility business revolution.

“Finding balance and satisfaction in both professional and personal lives,” a nomad mantra for sure.


NomadTech – Resistive Screens

Stantum Japan have unveiled their multi-touch, resistive touchscreen technology, showcased on a Slate PC proof of concept device.

Responsiveness and accuracy are reported to be remarkable, with the multitouch feature accommodating as many fingers as you can fit on the screen. There’s pressure sensitivity too and users can even use the thing with a paintbrush. Yes, a paintbrush.

Scalable from 2.5 to 30 inches, this can do all the gestures, swipes and rotations you could want. At face value, very impressive technology. Watch the video.

So why resistive instead of capacitive (or resistive vs iPhone / iPod Touch)?

Stantum is looking to break into all sorts of markets with their new touch panels – including mobile, Tablet and netbook markets. Hopefully we’ll see a next generation mobile device with one of their screens in the near future.

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Government Goes Mobile Masterclass

I had the pleasure of chairing an event in Milton Keynes with Public Sector Forums today. Presentations will be on the PSF site from 30 November.

My Slides are here;

Creative Commons License  Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Twitter posts (Tweets) from the day and the parallel infosecurity sessions are aggregated here.

The day finished with a good discussion on the future of Nomad. I was very pleased to hear that delegates see a role for Nomad going forward and grateful for the kind words of support and thanks for our efforts in saving the community (phoenix from the ashes)!

We talked about plans to build a new web2.0 platform to support the Nomad community and enable groups of common interest to collaborate and share learning.

It was suggested that Nomad should also;

  • Have a role in procurement to leverage value for money (including by joining up organisations developing similar solutions)
  • Consider a Nomad offer to the private sector
  • Act as a strong voice for the public sector including on Gov Connects
  • Evidence what didn’t work (‘warts and all’ approach)
  • Represent all of the public sector
  • Broaden scope to include all technology enabled change (transformation),  including use of social media, development of smartphone ‘apps’ and transactional services
  • Explore a low cost subscription model (tiered)
  • Develop a project database to encourage and facilitate collaboration

It’s not too late to let us know your thoughts. Complete the mobile working survey, including specific questions on Nomad. Or contact us directly at

Telepresence Robots!?

“Be two places at once with QA, telepresence robot from Anybots. Enjoy complete freedom to move fluidly and interact with others in a remote location from the ease of your home or office.”

“QA operates simply, cleanly, and quietly while still giving you a full physical presence. It allows you to see and be seen, talk and listen, and collaborate in ways and places never before possible.”

Amazing but somehow reinforces the perception of work as a place we should attend rather than an activity we can often do from different locations.

Still pretty whizzy though. I wonder if they do a ‘Transformers’ version, perhaps with weaponry? Autobots or Decepticons? 



Promoting Mental Wellbeing at Work

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

NICE have published, “Promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions: guidance for employers”.

 Guidance for those who have a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, promoting mental wellbeing at work. This includes all employers and their representatives, irrespective of the size of the business or organisation and whether they are in the public, private, or voluntary sectors. It may also be of interest to professionals working in human resources or occupational health, employees, trade union representatives and members of the public.

 Interesting comments on flexible working and the role of line managers including, “Managers’ ability to manage teams with flexible working patterns may need to be developed.”

 Nomad is increasingly being asked about leadership and management techniques.  Managing a dispersed, 21st century mobile workforce certainly requires new skills.

 This may be an area Nomad should look to explore further in the future.  

 Access the report and slides here.

Mobile Office – The Connected Car

A concept car demonstrating the potential application of next generation mobile networks. Sophisticated touchscreen experiences that promise video and music on demand, gaming, ecommerce, a wifi hotspot, real-time GPS updates, real-time traffic and weather data, and road and vehicle monitoring.

Quite impressive but then again, given future congestion predictions, we’re probably going to need the car to be a [mobile] office more often!

Nomad News

I have been a board member of the Nomad mobile and flexible working forum since 2003 and have long recognised the importance and value of Nomad in terms of promoting innovation in local government and sharing best practice. I passionately believe that mobile and flexible working is going to be critical to the future of local public service delivery.

I’m very pleased to have brokered transitional arrangements with Cambridgeshire County Council to ensure that Nomad can continue. Under new arrangements I will assume the national lead for Nomad and I’m working on proposals to develop a revised and rejuvenated programme, supporting regional groupings including Nomad Scotland.

NomadI am particularly interested in exploring the opportunity to broaden the community to include all of the public sector.

I recently presented on local government experiences to the Department of Health and a Strategic Health Authority and was struck, for example, by the synergy and overlap between work just commencing in the NHS and our experiences in local government. The state of the public purse surely means we need to find ways of collaborating across the public sector and ‘Total Place’ may well prove to be the strategic catalyst we need here.

I also hope to take Nomad into new and emerging areas and to get closer to the leading edge of technological and social innovation.

We face challenging times and I genuinely believe that by working together we can find new and creative ways of delivering services in the future. Widespread adoption of new work styles is going to be critical to that.

The forthcoming swingeing cuts in public expenditure will mandate radical and creative thinking, including around options to deliver services across organisational and geographical boundaries. Changes of this nature will inevitably require remote access to different back offices, effective data sharing and the ability to work across these boundaries in a time efficient way. Mobile and flexible working and associated technology implementations are going to be fundamental here.

Across the wider public sector there is significant opportunity to implement new work styles. NHS community health services, for example, overlap with local authority social care services and present enormous opportunity to take a whole area approach to re-engineering service delivery. Even modest efficiency improvements in these areas could net £billions in savings and there is proven opportunity to implement mobile and flexible working solutions in these and other areas.

Nomad is well placed to support the public sector in implementing change. It seems essential that in striving to deliver efficiencies we avoid duplication of effort and take steps to ensure we share what we find works and, perhaps even more importantly, what we find doesn’t.

 I am in detailed discussions with potential partners and possible sponsors and have been working hard to put Nomad on a sustainable footing. I have also given some thought to a possible future low-cost subscription service as a means to support Nomad’s future.

I would be very interested to hear from others on how you would like to see Nomad progress. Share your views and enter a draw to win an iPod Touch by completing the short mobile working survey, designed with our friends at Public Sector Forums, accessible here.

Alternatively, post comments below or get in touch directly at Please let me know how you think Nomad can help support and develop 21st century public services.

The existing website at remains accessible pending replacement with a new community site, harnessing social web functionality to support a vibrant online community of Nomads.