NomadTech – Resistive Screens

Stantum Japan have unveiled their multi-touch, resistive touchscreen technology, showcased on a Slate PC proof of concept device.

Responsiveness and accuracy are reported to be remarkable, with the multitouch feature accommodating as many fingers as you can fit on the screen. There’s pressure sensitivity too and users can even use the thing with a paintbrush. Yes, a paintbrush.

Scalable from 2.5 to 30 inches, this can do all the gestures, swipes and rotations you could want. At face value, very impressive technology. Watch the video.

So why resistive instead of capacitive (or resistive vs iPhone / iPod Touch)?

Stantum is looking to break into all sorts of markets with their new touch panels – including mobile, Tablet and netbook markets. Hopefully we’ll see a next generation mobile device with one of their screens in the near future.

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